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Some of our Recent Work
We've recently worked on products and ideas in the e-commerce, payments and fintech space. Our approach is category agnostic, with a focus on delivering best in class consumer experiences
6thStreet Mobile Apps
An off hand conversation led to a set of consulting and product strategy sessions that saw us work with the Apparel Group to conceive, design, build and deliver a set of platform mobile app experiences for both iOS and Android to sit alongside their nascent, fast-moving e-commerce platform, 6thStreet.

Our work included creating a new from-scratch set of user experiences and interfaces that were an iteration of the current web experience, conceiving an appropriate engineering design that could deliver a fast, fluid user experience whilst seamlessly sitting on top of their existing platform, followed by building and handing over binaries to the 6thStreet team for testing and launch.
We dreamt up Lunatap as a beautifully easy way to allow anyone with a Stripe (arguably one of the best payment platforms in the world!) account to easily accept card payments using their mobile device. The outcome is two delightful, thoughtful (if we should say so ourselves!) apps that get you from tap to money in your bank account in next to no time.
Whilst exploring the cryptocurrency space in mid 2017, we realised that there was a deep access gap in Middle East. BitPado was conceived as a project to build a user oriented regional crypto exchange whilst solving for both regulation as well as banking, and remains a work in progress.
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