A deeply detailed approach to building consumer internet experiences
About Lochal
Lochal is a business lovingly formulated by Esanjo.

After mysteriously finding ourselves doing interesting consulting and product work we created Lochal to formally build out a line of business that we could go to market with.

At Lochal we imagine, plan and bring consumer internet experiences to life. We’re not a traditional agency nor a development house. We do a mixture of consulting, designing and engineering. Our customers, range from startups through to large multinationals.

Our skill set is a balance between product strategy, a deep love of finely crafted user interfaces and experiences, whilst always steeped in making business sense.
Talk to us about your next project!
Whether you’ve got an idea that’s a twinkle in your eye or are looking to modernise your stack from soup to nuts, please reach out and we’d be more happy to have a chat!